HEAD> Bjm valeting and Professiona car Detailing is a professional mobile valeting detailing company in and around Dartford.Serving Kent,Essex,East London.
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Mobile Valeting and Detailing Van



At BJM Valeting we pride ourselves on quality and also our professional equipment and appearance.


Our vehicle has its own electrical and water supply onboard. It comes fully equipped with the finest jet washer(Karcher Expert) , machine buffer , air compressor  and floodlighting (for scratch locating).


Equipment that we carry on board is the best in the valeting/detailing industry. We have our dual action twin head scratch/polishing buffer, our air powered cleaning chemical machine for tight areas such as air vents and engine bays.

For stubborn deep stains we have our wet-vac to extract dirt from deep inside fabric seats and carpets.   


Unlike most mobile valeting / detailing vans we have a small but powerful water pump making sure the pressure we use is the correct one to clean your vehicle.



Our fully stocked van also comes fully racked and felted so before we start work on your pride and joy we can take you on board and show you just what products we are going to be using.



All our equipment is brand new and regularly maintained to provide you with the finest results on your vehicle.... 










The Professionals Choice....

It's more than just a car wash....it's attention to detail !