HEAD> Bjm valeting and Professiona car Detailing is a professional mobile valeting detailing company in and around Dartford.Serving Kent,Essex,East London.
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* Machine polishing £40

* Fabric roof cleaning £35-£40

* Mat restoration (back to black) £ 6 per mat

* Swirl mark removal ( dulls the colour of the paint ) £139






Small cars example- Citroen saxo, Smart car, Renault clio

Medium cars example-Bmw 3 series ,Ford focus, Citroen c4

Large car/4x4- Range rovers, Bmw 5 series, Mercedes e class 








*Waterless wash wax and protect applied to reduce risk of scratches and swirls


*Prepared with grime and traffic dirt fighter


*Alloy wheels cleaned with specialist brushes


*Pressure washed with Karcher  pressure washer


*Bodywork hand washed using soft sheep skin mitt(using the 2 bucket method)


*Pressure washed again to rinse off the vehicle 


*Vehicle dried using microfibre towel to ensure streak free finish


*Windows cleaned (outside) using 50/50 window cleaner


*Tyres scrubbed and cleaned with tyre brush and grime cleaner f


*Bug and tar removal from wheels/trim/body/windows


*Alloy wheels cleaned with non acid highly recommended wheel cleaner, inside of rims cleaned (alloy wheel separate wash bucket)


*Air powered cleaning machine used to clean brake calliper


*Exhaust cleaned with a grime cleaning chemical ( stainless and chrome)


*Clay barred to remove trapped dirt that washing cannot pick up and rejuvenate the paintworks colour and shine





*AUTOSMART silver seal applied leaves a second skin that protects paint from rain, sun, ice and snow and leaves both a deeper shine and a long lasting protection your paintwork.


*Full exterior hard WAX applied using applicator pad or by hand (WAX also acts as a second skin protecting the paintwork and holding in the shine for longer)


* Tyres are dressed with high gloss shine (tyre dandy)  


*Trims dressed (blackened) bumper, side trim rejuvenated to bring back that original shine


*Fine detailing brushes enure all excess wax has been removed


*All chrome cleaned and polished


*Fully engine bay clean and dressed (using air powered tornado to release all trapped dirt and get into tight areas )


*ALL windows and glass cleaned




*A chemical treatment is applied to the upholstery and carpets of your vehicle,this is absorbed into the fibres of the material and the protectant dries to form a waterproof barrier to prevent moisture entering the fibres. (Spills such as coffee and tea are repelled  instead of being absorbed )


*All rubbish removed from the vehicle


* FULLY -Floor vacuumed / fabric FULLY vacuumed 


*Floor mats removed , vacuumed and cleaned (using wet-vac stain remover)


*Boot will be vacuumed and cleaned with fabric cleaner (tools and spare wheels also cleaned)


*Interior cleaned with microfiber cloth using a highly recommended cleaning product (dashboard, centre console ,side controls )


* interior glass cleaned with 50/50  


*Autosmart airfreshener and paper matt


*Air vents cleaned ,all interior used with tornador air cleaning tool for final finishing touches to make sure all areas are cleaned


*Interior trim dressed in a low shine natural trim dressing inside the vehicle


*Fabric seats shampooed/cleaned  ( wet vac used for stains ) 


*Leather seats shampooed using a spray on leather cleaner to remove trapped oils and dirt


*Leather conditioner (feed) is used to make leather supple/and return the nature oils needed to make it soft once again


* Seat belts cleaned and shampooed


*Headlining cleaned and shampooed


*Rubbish removed from vehicle


*Fine detailing brushes used in small spaces otherwise missed


*Foot pedals cleaned with a non slip cleaner


*Steering wheel cleaned with leather cleaner (if leather steering wheel on vehicle)


*Vehicles with shag pile carpets/mats (Bentley, Rolls Royce) will have a combo of wet-vac carpet cleaner to make sure the carpet/matt comes back to life


*Door seals cleaned and dressing high gloss silicon dressing


*Air powered cleaning tool used in speakers to safely remove hidden dirt


*Seat belts cleaned and shampooed


*Headlining cleaned and shampooed


*Rubbish removed from vehicle


*A blast of aerosol air freshener that will leave your vehicle smelling brand new 


 A fantastic package guaranteed to bring your vehicle up to new car standards.......  




 Prices from

£ 199 ( including call out charge, in the areas covered)


Please allow 1 week notice...


(if customer has garage or enclosure preferable)


(Prices may increase for heavily soiled vehicles , heavily soiled interior/pet hair)

Small Vehicles-from £199    Medium Vehicles- from £229      Large Vehicles/4x4-from £249

Truck Care- Call for price

TRUCK CARE available please email or call for a competitive price now!!


Approx Time - 1 day